Dumping Games (disc2app)

If you need further help, ask on the official Cemu Discord Server for assistance.


For this method, we will be dumping a physical disc game to an SD card or USB storage device. This can take some time.

After dumping, we copy the game over to the PC. Unfortunately, all Wii U disc images are encrypted, which means we need to decrypt them on our PC.


  • An SD card for homebrew and dumping
  • (Optional) A USB storage device to dump the game to
    • Only required if the game is too big for the SD card
    • Wii U games can vary in size up to 17GB, but having 12GB of storage should be okay for most games



  1. Extract the mocha.zip file to the root of your SD card
    • If prompted to, replace any pre-existing files
  2. Extract the homebrew_launcher.v.1.4.zip file to the root of your SD card
  3. Copy the config.ini file to the /wiiu/apps/mocha folder on your SD card
  4. Copy the payload.elf file from the payload.zip file to the /wiiu folder on your SD card
  5. Extract the disc2app .zip file to the root of your Wii U's SD card
  6. Double check that you have enough storage space for your game
    • The maximum game size is around 17GB although few games are actually that large
  7. Eject your SD card from Windows and put it into your Wii U console
  8. Insert your USB storage if you are using one to dump to

Launching MochaCFW

  1. Turn on your Wii U console
  2. Launch the internet browser and open wiiuexploit.xyz
  3. Tap Run Homebrew Launcher!
  4. Once in the Homebrew Launcher, launch MochaCFW
    • This should return you back to the Homebrew Launcher


  1. Power on your Wii U console
  2. Ensure your target game disc is not inserted in your Wii U
  3. Open the Homebrew Channel
  4. Run disc2app
  5. Press (A) to dump to the SD card, or (B) to dump to your USB storage
  6. Insert the game disc you'd like to dump when prompted
  7. The game will now be dumped to \install\[TitleID] on your SD/USB device
    • This may take a long time, be patient
    • TitleID will be a 16-character string of numbers and letters
  8. Once finished, exit the application and turn off your console
  9. Remove your SD or USB device from your Wii U and insert it to your computer
  10. Copy the \install\[TitleID] folder from your SD or USB device to your Cemu games folder


  1. Extract the Cdecrypt .zip file to your computer
  2. Drag and drop your game directory containing the .app, .h3 files (amongst other files) onto the cdecrypt.exe executable
    • This may appear as just cdecrypt if you have file extensions disabled
  3. Once done, you can delete all files and folders in the game directory except for the code, content and meta folders