If you need further help, ask on the official Cemu Discord Server for assistance.

Does Cemu support 32-bit systems?

No, Cemu will never support 32-bit systems. 32-bit applications can only use up to 4GB of RAM, which Cemu frequently exceeds.

Does Cemu support MacOS or Linux?

While Cemu have stated in the past that a Linux build is planned in the distant future, currently no builds are available for MacOS or Linux.

Many users have managed to get Cemu working in Wineopen in new window, however for best performance, we recommend running the emulator on Windows only.

How do I play games if I don't have a Wii U?

You don't. We do not support piracy here and obtaining games without dumping from your own content is illegal.

Can I play online without dumping files from my Wii U?

No, you must dump files from your Wii U to play online.

Think of them as a "username and password" to Nintendo servers. Nintendo gives each Wii U an authentication to access their servers, and without it, Nintendo won't allow you to connect to them.

What is the mlc01 folder?

The mlc01 path stores the emulated Wii U internal memory, including:

  • System files and apps
  • Installed games, updates, DLC
  • User-created save data

This should be on a storage drive that Cemu will always have access to, with lots of free space. By default, the mlc01 path will be stored in the Cemu directory.

If you delete this folder everything will be gone. If this path ever gets reset, make sure to set it again in Options -> General Settings

What are community graphics packs?

Community graphics packs allow you to alter a game visually or how it will run, including:

  • Displaying at higher resolutions
  • Running at higher framerates
  • Adjusting colours and bloom
  • Improving anti-aliasing
  • Applying game modifications

We recommend that you download these to allow tweaking your games for better performance.