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In this section, we look at how to enable online play on Cemu. This involves dumping a set of online files from your Wii U to make Nintendo think that the connection from Cemu is actually coming from your console.

If you do not plan on using online services you may skip this page. Using Cemu online has not resulted in any bans to date.

After we’ve dumped the online files, you’ll be able to play with other Wii U and Cemu players on Nintendo’s official game servers.

To do this, we’re going to need to use a custom homebrew application to dump console files. This is done using an exploit in the Wii U browser.

As we will be connecting to real Nintendo servers, do not:

  • Use mods, cheats or hacks
  • Share your online files for other people to use
  • Play on both your console and Cemu at the same time
    • No confirmed ban cases but this may still be unsafe.
    • Using the same account will kick the other player offline.

Doing any of these may get your console banned, restricting you from accessing online play temporarily or permanently.

Warning regarding reformatting or selling your Wii U Console:

  • Reformatting your console will result in your NNID being unlinked from that console. You will no longer be able to use online features on Cemu until you re-link your account to that console and re-obtain the files necessary for online play.

  • Selling your console (which is not permitted by Cemu because you technically do not own that data anymore,) will likely also result in the new owner reformatting the console or otherwise removing your account from the console. This will result in permanent loss of access.

If you want to play online with Cemu, keep your Wii U console.


  • An SD card for homebrew


If you set up homebrew before when using dumpling, you’ll only need to download wiiu-nanddumper.


  1. Extract the Wii U homebrew pack to the root of your SD card - SD:\
    • If prompted to, replace any pre-existing files
  2. Extract the file to the root of your SD card
  3. Extract the wiiu-nanddumper .zip file to the \wiiu\apps folder on your SD card
  4. Eject your SD card from Windows and put it into your Wii U console
  5. If desired, insert a USB device into your Wii U to dump your data to USB storage
    • Do not let the Wii U format the USB, the USB must be FAT32, 32KB Cluster.
    • Some users have reported better performance using the back ports, however the front ports should be fine as well

Dumping Files

Opening the Homebrew Launcher

  1. Turn on your Wii U console
  2. Launch the internet browser and open
  3. Tap Run Homebrew Launcher!
    • If your console freezes for more than 10 seconds, hold down the Power button for 4 seconds and reboot
    • Once rebooted, reset the browser’s save data and try again

Using nanddumper

  1. Run nanddumper.elf
  2. Set OTP (1KB) and SEEPROM (1KB) to <yes
  3. Set everything else to <no>
  4. Your Wii U will now reboot

Launching MochaCFW

  1. Open the Homebrew Launcher as mentioned previously
  2. Once in the Homebrew Launcher, launch MochaCFW
    • This should return you back to the Homebrew Launcher, where we will now launch dumpling

Using dumpling

  1. Run the dumpling app from the Homebrew Launcher
  2. Select Dump files to use Cemu online
  3. Change the dump destination and the desired account accordingly
  4. Select Start to begin dumping
  5. When finished, go back to the Dumpling main menu.
  6. Next, select Dump System Applications
  7. Select the Friend List to dump and begin the process.
  8. When finished you may turn off your Wii U

Copying the Online Files to Cemu

  1. Take your SD (and if used, your USB) out of your Wii U and put it in your PC
  2. Copy otp.bin and seeprom.bin from the root of your SD to your Cemu directory
    • This is where Cemu.exe is located
  3. Copy the sys & usr folders from dumpling/Online Files/mlc01 on your SD/USB device to the mlc01 folder for Cemu.
    • Overwrite any files if prompted

Adding the Friend List application

  1. Create a folder in Cemu’s directory named System Apps
  2. Navigate to the dumpling/System Applications folder on your SD/USB device
  3. Copy the Friend List to System Apps in your Cemu folder.
  4. Open Cemu and navigate to Options -> General Settings
  5. At the bottom, add the System Apps folder to your Game Paths
  6. Refresh or restart Cemu and your Friend List app should appear.

Selecting your Account

  1. Open the Cemu emulator
  2. On the top bar, go to Options -> General Settings
  3. Navigate to the Account tab
  4. Ensure your active account is set to the account you use on your Wii U
  5. Check the box Enable online mode

Your Wii U should now be ready to go online. If you ever want to disable online features, simply uncheck the box Enable online mode.

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