Dumping Games

If you need further help, ask on the official Cemu Discord Server for assistance.

In this section, we look at how to "dump" (copy) your games, updates, DLC and saves from your Wii U system over to your PC.

To do this, we're going to need to use a custom homebrew application to dump your games. This is done using an exploit in the Wii U browser.

If your games are stored on USB storage, it may be faster to use the DumpsterUopen in new window tool instead.


  • An SD card for homebrew
  • A USB storage device to dump your games to (Optional)
    • You can use your SD card instead, however USB can be faster and more convenient


All storage devices must be formatted to FAT32 with 32KB (32768) allocation. For storage devices larger than 32GB, use guiformatopen in new window to format it correctly.


Ensure you have enough storage space for your dump. The largest Wii U game is 17GB, however the majority of games won't need that much space.



  1. Extract the Wii U Only.zip homebrew pack to the root of your SD card
    • If prompted, replace any pre-existing files
  2. Eject your SD card from Windows and put it into your Wii U console
  3. Insert your correctly formatted USB Device if you're using one

Opening the Homebrew Launcher

  1. Turn on your Wii U console
    • If prompted, do not format any USB devices through the Wii U
  2. Ensure that the title you want to dump has the latest update and any relevant DLC installed
    • Some games, such as Breath of the Wild, require an update to function correctly in Cemu
  3. Launch the internet browser and open wiiuexploit.xyz
  4. Tap Run Homebrew Launcher!

Using the dumpling app

  1. Before launching the dumpling app, be sure to:
    • Insert a correctly formatted USB device if you plan to use one
    • Insert your targeted game's Disc
    • Your game's Updates & DLCs must be installed and ready.
  2. Run the Dumpling app from the Homebrew Launcher
  3. Select Dump digital games or Dump a game disc depending on your scenario
    • For Digital, select your games then press (START)
    • For Disc, continue below
  4. Verify that the dump's destination is correct (SD or USB)
  5. Ensure your desired Wii U Account is set
  6. Select Start to begin dumping
    • This can take a very long time, we encourage you to dump one game at first.
  7. Once finished, dump your next game at Step 1 or turn off your Wii U and put your SD or USB that you dumped to into your computer

Now you've got your dumps, you can proceed to the next step which takes you through how to install your games in Cemu.