Controller Configuration (DS4Windows)

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DualShock 3 controller motion support may not be compatible with DS4Windows. Please refer to the "Xbox / Others" section.

Installing Cemuhook

  1. Extract the contents of the Cemuhook .zip file to the Cemu directory
  2. Open the Cemu application
  3. In the bottom-right-hand corner, it should say Cemu plugin x.x.x.x by rajkosto
    • This means Cemuhook has been successfully installed
    • If doesn't say this, ensure that your Cemu directory looks like this:

A screenshot of Cemuhook correctly set up


  1. Download and extract DS4Windows to your computer
    • Select the file
  2. Connect your controller to Windows via USB or Bluetooth
  3. Open the DS4Windows application
  4. Microsoft .NET 5.0 or newer is required; install it if asked
  5. Ensure your controller is registered with DS4Windows
  6. Navigate to the Settings tab
  7. Enable UDP Server
    • This should say with port 26760
  8. Open the Cemu application
  9. On the top bar, go to Settings -> Input settings
  10. Change Emulate controller to Wii U Gamepad
  11. Change Controller API to XInput
  12. Change Controller to Controller X
  13. Proceed to map all your controller button inputs
  14. At the top, enter in a controller profile name, e.g. Gamepad Controller
  15. Click Save

Motion Controls

  1. On the top bar, go to Settings -> Gamepad Motion Source
  2. Select your controller from this list
  3. Select By slot